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Certified Pressure Testing Solutions

Elite Testing LLC provides Recertification of low and high pressure treating iron, such as swivel joints, plug valves, steel hose loops, straight joints etc…
Proudly serving the West Texas Oilfield with the highest quality and service that is second to none.

Visual Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing

Our attention to detailed MPT process for detecting surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in each piece so that you’re certain that your iron will last. Any abnormalities such as hairline cracks that are invisible to the human eye will be detected and immediately scrapped when identified

Ultrasonic Testing

We regularly check and calibrate our UT gauges to provide pinpoint precision with every Ultrasonic test that we run. Our down to the millimeter reading gives you a peace of mind knowing that the wall thickness is always accurate, every time. Every piece that we test is based on manufacturer specifications for minimum thickness.

Hydro Static Testing

Every piece that goes through our arduous process is thoroughly tested to constant working pressure giving you certainty that you will increase productivity and efficiency while decreasing downtime in the field. We accurately test for 602’s, 1002’s, and 1502s.

Thread Gauging

We meticulously measure the wear and tear on each thread with a strict adherence to manufacturer specifications. Any worn threads that do not meet our stringent specifications are immediately scrapped.

Online Iron Management System

Track progress of your assets in real time via our online iron management system, IronTrac. This user friendly web based system allows our customers to keep track of their assets, view certificates and pull various reports in regards to their assets. It includes a mobile version which allows users to pull certificates in the field with the use of a mobile device.


Free Pickup & Delivery

Elite Testing offers free pickup and delivery within a 75 mile radius.

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